Antonia Roman is the CEO & President of: "That's So Funny Entertainment." A production company that brings creative ideas to life through film, T.V. and theatre located in New Jersey.  The company is in the process of opening a second office in California.

Antonia started her career as a Production Assistant on various commercial promos for prime and cable networks.  Antonia then became a Producer for various Independent Film Projects. Recently she came on Board "The Racists." as the Producer and AD.

Antonia also has vast experience as a Manager for recording artists in the music industry.

Her current projects in development are: "Mount Holly" - TV Drama Series, "Get Thrifty" - Reality Show, "The Covenant" - TV Drama Series.

In addition, Antonia serves the community as the VP of the Burlington County Coalition of Latino leaders.

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Veteran writer, director and producer Marguerite Fair is passionate and productive about her many writing and video projects in various stages of development.

She has written several screenplays, the most recent: "The Racists."The Racists."  The story is based on a true event with a young man in an Ikea Store two years ago.

Marguerite's work reflects the importance of healing and forgiveness while embracing the ability to laugh at ourselves  to create a joyful presence in the world.

Marguerite has created, produced and directed the online web show: The M & M's Web show, which she co-hosted with Michael Tatlock for a year and a half.  Michael  recently made the announcement  he is leaving the show to pursue other opportunities. 

Marguerite now  shifted the show to be: Laughter Talks with her new Co-host, Producer  Antonia Roman, who will also Co-host Marguerite's other Web Show: TheRealFakeNews.biz

For more information: MargueriteFair.com



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